Specialist in het bouwen vierkante silo

H. Tempelmann Kaffee

End user: H. Tempelmann Kaffee GmbH & Co KG | Marl | Germany
Commissioned by: Neuhaus Neotec GmbH
Capacity: 1.110 m3, 24 bins

For its new coffee roasting facility in western Germany, H. Tempelmann Kaffee relied on TSC’s expertise for the storage system of both the green and roasted coffee beans. Additionally, the machine tower connected to the silo was designed and supplied by TSC. To guarantee none of the beans are damaged in the 8.75 meter fall, all of the bins for the roasted coffee beans are equipped with a slide.

As the new factory hall was already built, the challenge of an inside installation arose. With some clever planning and additional hoisting support, installation took barely longer compared to a conventional green-field situation. Furthermore, the shiny grey silo is already prepared for a future extension.

Tempelmann Kaffee - square silos for coffee Square Silos - Hubert Tempelmann coffee

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