Location: Miesbach, Germany
Animal feed: Dosing block and finished products

1.380 M3 28.0 m

Project details

At the foot of the German Alps, we erected a new silo building in a historic location in 2021. On the Leitzach River, the Leitzach mill has been processing grain for more than 750 years(!). TSC forged plans with the owner at the kitchen table, who wanted to invest in securing the future of the family business. The silo building practically houses a whole new mill. We realized the square silos with the roof structure, as well as the machine tower, the intake and loading facility, and the complete cladding of all this. A solid basis for the generations to come!

The project for Leitzachmühle is an impressive example of craftsmanship in the silo industry. Leitzachmühle is now home to a high-quality storage facility for grain and other agricultural raw materials, designed and built with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The result is a silo building that is not only functional and reliable but also boasts a visually impressive design. The aesthetic aspects of the “original” Mühle have been carefully integrated into the structural design, resulting in a harmonious whole that stands out in the landscape.

All in all, the Leitzachmühle project exemplifies all of TSC Silos’ in-house expertise. 




1.380 m3





TSC Silos for LeitzachMühle
TSC Silos for Leitzachmühle
square silos building - Leitzachmühle
"At the kitchen table discussing the plans"

Gerwin Amtink

Project Leader
I remember well that we met the owner of the Leitzachmühle at a fair. He was actually faced with the choice of investing in his mill for future generations, or leaving it be and waiting to see what would happen. He decided the former. In the course of time, we have regularly sat together (literally) at the kitchen table to discuss the plans and to fine-tune everything. It’s fantastic when it is all finally realised and you are building for the future in such a historic place! A result to be proud of.
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Procedure The regulations of the industry, the properties of the material, the geographical conditions of the construction site, the weather conditions in the region… we leave nothing to chance. We therefore work according to the TSC roadmap. This way, we work efficiently and do not overlook any detail. A solid approach for a solid result.

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Customized silo in 7 steps
  • In the first step, we discuss the requirements, capacity needs, external conditions and preconditions. What challenges should we take into account. Result: a programme of requirements; our basis.
  • Our concrete advice for fulfilling the need. A construction concept, with a tailor-made proposal according to the programme of requirements, complete with a competitive offer and time schedule. Result: The start of our further cooperation.
  • Wind pressure, snow load, internal weight, regulations, process flow and other important starting points. Our designers make their calculations with these facts in mind. Result: a reliable construction calculation.
  • The new silo plant is now being designed down to the smallest detail and worked out in workshop drawings. All details are discussed together. Resulr: After your approval, we will start production.
  • Reliability is our most important pillar. Our construction planning is therefore well thought out. We take into account the transport route and its obstacles, the (often challenging) situation at the construction site and the local capacity. Result: final planning with delivery date.
  • Led by a TSC supervisor, our experienced assembly team gets to work. We keep in regular contact about the progress in the meantime. With knowledge of local regulations and the right permits, we work safely and competently. Result: A carefully constructed new silo ready for use!
  • Every completion is a moment of celebration. We are happy to evaluate the project together. Of course, because we want to see our work in action, but also to learn from practical experience and fine-tune details where necessary. Result: a long-term partnership.
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