Hoppers are the most crucial part of every plant and therefore of every silo that we build. Without the right hoppers the production process grinds to a halt. TSC devotes a great deal of attention to this elementary part of the silo structure; after all, the hopper is literally a bottleneck in the process. Needless to say that we pay huge attention to this part , ensuring a seamless connection to the subsequent machinery.

Hoppers can be supplied in all desired shapes and sizes to suit your product and your process.

Advantages of our customised hoppers

  • Smooth overflow from silo to hopper
  • Best possible discharge of your product
  • Round or square discharge
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Opening for empty indicators
  • Inspection hatches optional
  • Seamless fit with downstream process


If you have a lot of different products in relatively small volumes but you want to load a bulk trailer quickly, then contrasets are the answer.

A contraset is pretty much a small silo block consisting of various, fairly small compartments. Contraset compartments are connected one by one to the bulk trailer compartments. This means that all the trailer compartments can be loaded at the same time. In the case of traditional loading systems only one or a few compartments are loaded at the same time.

Case studies show that contrasets can cut loading time by up to 80%.

As well as hoppers TSC also supplies bunkers for intermediate storage. Naturally we ensure a seamless fit with the rest of the process.

TSC trechter

Modular silo system

Our silo system consists of various steel silo parts. We build these up modularly, layer by layer. This system is the best solution for dry and granular bulk goods.

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