Smooth wall silo

If there is one unique feature of TSC silos, it is the completely flat, smooth wall silo. Even the most difficult bulk products leave our smooth wall silos without any problem. A clever design ensures that there are no welding seams on the inside of the cell. Smooth-walled silos derive their strength from the same clever design.

The modular construction means that the cell layout is designed completely to suit your requirements and is adapted to suit your unique production process. We can build any length, width or height.

Sometimes raw materials or minerals with a corrosive character are stored in our silos. This sets special requirements for the storage. Thanks to the inventive, double-walled, smooth-walled system it is possible to manufacture the smooth-walled silos economically in stainless steel. The parts of the silo that come into contact with the product are made from stainless steel. The other parts are made from normal steel with a coating. This results in a silo that is resistant to aggressive substances, such as lime and salt, and guarantees a smooth product flow.

Why choose a smooth wall silo?

  • Optimum product discharge
  • High degree of flexibility as each silo cell is suitable for every desired bulk product
  • Hygienic, low-dust working environment
  • No mixing of products between cells
  • Fully customised, flexible modular construction
  • Very strong as a result of clever design
  • Optional coated or stainless-steel walls

Do you want advice? With many years of experience, we are an excellent partner to come to the best solution for your storage issue together. Thereby we always apply the principle Less is More.

Gladde wand silo TSC

Modular silo system

Our silo system consists of various steel silo parts. We build these up modularly, layer by layer. This system is the best solution for dry and granular bulk goods.

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