Steel construction

There are great forces on high silo structures that need to be handled by the supporting steel construction. There are also specific conditions for each silo that have a great impact on the loads that the silo has to be able to bear: from the bulk weight of the product to be stored combined with the capacity per cell to the vibrating machines on the cell deck, from wind loads or hurricane forces to serious earthquakes. The huge forces on a silo have to ultimately be borne by a sound steel structure.

TSC is able to supply a suitable steel support structure. Everything is calculated in accordance with the latest standards and we use advanced computer software to work everything out down to the smallest detail, so safety is guaranteed. We usually adopt European standards but we also take local regulations into account.

The detailed design of the steel construction is completely done in 3D. It enables us to check the construction in every detail, including the positioning of the machinery. Avoiding collisions with machinery and/or conveying equipment is therefore guaranteed, which is the best thing for everyone.

Roof structure

It is important that there is a dry and safe working environment at the top of the silo. TSC can easily provide this using a customised roof structure that is calculated to suit the loads of roofing and facade cladding. Which means that TSC provides exactly the complete, integrated solution that suits you.

Why have a steel construction designed by TSC?

  • Made exactly to suit your individual requirements.
  • Both support structure and roof structure.
  • Safe and robust.
  • Includes strength calculations.
  • All in accordance with the latest applicable standards.
  • Avoid collisions with machinery and/or conveying equipment.

Modular silo system

Our silo system consists of various steel silo parts. We build these up modularly, layer by layer. This system is the best solution for dry and granular bulk goods.

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