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We have been building square silos for more than two decades. All over the world. And for every industry. We set the standard in this industry. With a team of professionals, we design, calculate, manufacture, assemble, install, and sell square silos. Every day. We work closely together and use each other’s expertise. Our team of colleagues is our greatest asset. That is why we are careful with our people.

We strive for a good balance between work and private life, we have created a good working environment, we offer training opportunities and we believe a good working atmosphere is important. Together we contribute to organizing our food chain as efficiently as possible. A question that is becoming more urgent every day, because the world population is growing by 225,000 inhabitants every day.

We believe in square, because square is better than round. Especially when it comes to storage. Simple. Take a sheet of paper, put some glasses on it and slide them close together. The space left between the glasses is space not used for storage. A small detail on an A4 sheet, but on a free space in a large industrial complex, a difference of many m3. Our square silos therefore ensure more storage capacity and more flexible layout options.

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Building silos is teamwork

Meet our team of specialists. These are our people and they are the ones who design, calculate, manufacture, assemble, install and sell square silos on a daily basis. Together we ensure that the wishes and needs of the customer are converted into the construction of the necessary silo. This can range from two silo cells in an existing factory to the construction of a new location with 100 silo cells including machine house, intake hall and facade cladding. No challenge is too big or too small. What our highly skilled engineers calculate and design, our experienced, skilled and often local assembly teams can make. In doing so, we gear everything to the locally applicable rules, ATEX and regional conditions such as earthquake coefficients, snow loads and wind pressure. Independent parties are more than welcome to check our calculations. Naturally we are EN 1991, EN 1993 and EN 1090 certified.

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Hans Wechgelaer

Project Engineer

Harm-Jan Wieskamp

Account Manager

Dennis Bossink

Lead Structural Engineer

Mark Geesink

Structural Engineer

Gerwin Amtink

Project Leader

René Teunissen

Project Management Lead

Rik Haarman

Account Manager

Janick Stevering

Structural Engineer

Nienke Lievestro

Structural Engineer

Arjan Böhmer

Project Leader

Namer Mousa

Structural Engineer

Sven Konings

Commercial Manager

Alexander Ramms

Project Leader

Jan-Willem Rokker

Detailed Engineering Lead

Dennis Haman

Project Leader

Dimitri Massop

Project Leader

Hendrik Onstein

Project Engineer

Erik Wassink

Technical Manager

Anneriek Veldhuis

Administrative Assistant

Ruben Gielink

Account Manager

Daan van Kempen

Account Manager

Working at

Working at TSC is an adventure. Today you work for a grain merchant in Austria, tomorrow for a beer brewer in Nigeria and next week for an animal feed producer here, in the Achterhoek. Selling, calculating, designing and building square silo is real teamwork. One is master of 3D drawing, the other knows all about steel structures from construction calculations and another is a super strong planner from salesman. Together we are TSC. If you have the skills that come in handy when building silos, then you might just be at the beginning of a great new adventure!

Triott Group

TSC is one of eight companies that make up the Triott Group. Our joint mission is clear: we want to help the world to increase and improve the production of food for humans and animals. We do this with a solid example of Dutch craftsmanship and a good portion of the Achterhoek approachability. The eight specialized Triott companies design and build smart turnkey installations that enable customers to work more efficiently, safely and sustainably. And for good reason, because we are successful in many markets around the world. In addition to our square silos for the storage of dry bulk materials, the Triott Group supplies hammer mills, mixers, complex installations and systems from liquid dosing to pelleting, from extrusion to coating. All these activities are brought together in one control and automation system for maximum efficiency.

Bulk storage to a higher level?

With our knowledge of dry bulk goods and silos, we take process storage to a higher level. More information? Mail to info@tsc-silos.com, call +31 (0)543 473 979 or send a message.