Square or round?

A typical and very relevant question we face every day. Most important, a silo needs to suit your storage demands. So in what situation is a square silo system actually preferred?

  • You want to store different products and qualities in different quantities at the same time at the same place.
  • You have a lack of space. With square silo system you can store 25% more on the same surface.
  • Frequent loading and unloading and relatively short storage time.
  • The product is to be processed (refining, cleaning, drying, dosing, milling, coating, pelleting, mixing, bagging, etc.).


The flexible modular square silo system is always customized for your storage demands. Typically, our silos have the following capacities:

  • Total silo block from 40 – 40.000m3 (or more)
  • Individual bin from 4 – 400 m3
  • Total number of bins in a silo block from 2 – 200 (or more)

Bulkopslag naar een hoger plan?

Met onze kennis van droge bulkgoederen en silo’s tillen we procesopslag naar een hoger plan. Meer informatie? Mail naar info@tsc-silos.com, bel met +31 (0)543 473 979 of stuur een bericht.