Provimi, which is Cargill’s animal nutrition and premix business, is currently rolling out a U.S. $20 million investment in South Africa. By the end of last year, Cargill gained a majority share of NuTec, a manufacturer of vitamin and mineral premix for the animal nutrition industry.

As part of the investment the company is currently building a new premix and base mix facility at NuTec’s existing location in Pietermaritzburg. Once finished, this new plant expands Cargill’s animal nutrition capabilities in sub Saharan Africa.

TSC’s local South African partner is Graintech Milling Co. (Pty) Ltd based in Johannesburg. They will integrate and install the square silos, together with other equipment in the complete process.
The 22 differently sized bins will contain the valuable and high quality ingredients for the animal nutrition. Since it concerns very fine products with non-free flowing characteristics, special attention is paid to the silo design. TSC will apply its sanitary designed smooth and double wall system. The special hoppers have extremely steep angles and expansion steps to ensure proper outflow.

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