Long time ago square silo bins were 2 or 3 meters wide. Continuously increasing economies of scale within the processing industry demand however higher capacities.

This made TSC develop much larger bin sizes up to 4,5 meters wide. The challenging part is obviously the extreme loads occurring, while at the same time we have to minimize the amount of steel needed. Both for cost reasons as well as for sustainability. Less is more isn’t it?
By optimizing the silo system, our engineers are well able to erect 4,5 meter wide silos with heights of >20 meter. Creating storage volumes of 450m3 in a sanitary smooth wall square bin without inside reinforcements. Have a look at some pictures. And to avoid any misunderstanding, we surely still offer the regular sizes.
Is 450m3 not enough? Consider this system with internal bracings enabling storage volumes of > 1.000m3.

Bulkopslag naar een hoger plan?

Met onze kennis van droge bulkgoederen en silo’s tillen we procesopslag naar een hoger plan. Meer informatie? Mail naar info@tsc-silos.com, bel met +31 (0)543 473 979 of stuur een bericht.