Mälzerei Gebr. Steinbach

Location: Zirndorf, Germany
Brewing and Malting: Storage and bulkloading

880 M3 17.6 m

Project details

A silo block for extra storage, as well as for loading trucks, which at the same time offered enough space so that the trucks still had room to turn. That, in short, was the task of Mälzerei Gebr. Steinbach in Zirndorf. This Bavarian malting plant needed more storage and loading capacity for their cleaned malt and barley, and only had limited space. This area also serves as the only access for all (freight) traffic to the courtyard of the malting plant. So it had to be kept open at all times. Also during construction.

Our solution to this challenge consisted of trusses of more than 9 metres wide. These guarantee free passage underneath and provide a constructive counterweight for the 12 silo cells. The trusses arrived at the construction site fully prepared. Thus, the substructure was in place in less than two days. The entire silo construction was finally completed in six weeks, right on schedule. On-site disruption was therefore kept to a minimum.


12 bins


880 m³


12.00 m


9.15 m

Good preparation is everything

Arjan Böhmer

Project Leader
The customer had some concerns beforehand about the assembly and how this would affect daily operations. The customer was positively surprised when the entire substructure was in place in less than two days. The rest of the assembly also went smoothly. The silo was ready for use well before the set deadline. Good preparation is everything!
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Less Cost Waste
More Result Sustainability


Procedure The regulations of the industry, the properties of the material, the geographical conditions of the construction site, the weather conditions in the region… we leave nothing to chance. We therefore work according to the TSC roadmap. This way, we work efficiently and do not overlook any detail. A solid approach for a solid result.

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Customized silo in 7 steps
  • In the first step, we discuss the requirements, capacity needs, external conditions and preconditions. What challenges should we take into account. Result: a programme of requirements; our basis.
  • Our concrete advice for fulfilling the need. A construction concept, with a tailor-made proposal according to the programme of requirements, complete with a competitive offer and time schedule. Result: The start of our further cooperation.
  • Wind pressure, snow load, internal weight, regulations, process flow and other important starting points. Our designers make their calculations with these facts in mind. Result: a reliable construction calculation.
  • The new silo plant is now being designed down to the smallest detail and worked out in workshop drawings. All details are discussed together. Resulr: After your approval, we will start production.
  • Reliability is our most important pillar. Our construction planning is therefore well thought out. We take into account the transport route and its obstacles, the (often challenging) situation at the construction site and the local capacity. Result: final planning with delivery date.
  • Led by a TSC supervisor, our experienced assembly team gets to work. We keep in regular contact about the progress in the meantime. With knowledge of local regulations and the right permits, we work safely and competently. Result: A carefully constructed new silo ready for use!
  • Every completion is a moment of celebration. We are happy to evaluate the project together. Of course, because we want to see our work in action, but also to learn from practical experience and fine-tune details where necessary. Result: a long-term partnership.
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