Flexible en hygienic


The TSC silos can be found in various sectors within the food industry. Below are several of these sectors and the reasons why our square silos are so suitable for these sectors.

food gerst bier


Specific cereals are essential ingredients of alcoholic drinks such as beer, whisky and gin. In the case of a beer brewery it is often barley, but because of the increasing demand for specialty beers the demand for other raw materials is also on the increase. So square silos are a must for breweries and malt houses. Square silos guarantee storage flexibility as they guarantee optimum storage over a minimum surface area. Thanks to the modular construction square silos also make it possible to have different capacities of silo cell right next to each other. The optimum product discharge means that hygiene is also guaranteed. In short, whichever raw material you use, you can entrust it to our silos. 

food bloem flour meel

Flour plants

Whether it is raw materials or finished product, TSC has the right silo for every flour plant. The silos are assembled completely to suit requirements and the process is always monitored. For example, so-called barley tempering silos are often fitted with a hopper with several discharges to guarantee the first in, first out principle. Silos for flour are fitted with a hopper with a large round discharge that is suitable for attaching (vibrating) hopper feed equipment. The manufacture of the silos is customised and the silos are given a durable, food-safe coating. The hoppers are designed in such a way that the product is optimally discharged. We provide maximum storage capacity and optimum product discharge combined with a very hygienic design. 

square silo coffee beans koffiebonen

Coffee roasting plants

Throughout the food industry high requirements are set for raw materials. But if there is one sector where the raw material is key for the quality of the end product, it is the coffee sector. Depending on the supply there are many varieties of different qualities of coffee beans available on the global market. Correct storage is essential at the place where the beans originate. TSC silos are excellently suitable for this, for both green and roasted coffee beans. Roasted coffee beans in particular are a sensitive product that require careful storage. ‘Sliding’ the product into the silo using slides guarantees a great product for consumers. You decide on the composition of the coffee; we provide optimum storage capacity, which guarantees the quality of your coffee.

food vierkante silo rijst


Rice is a common and very valuable product in our food chain. TSC silos are highly suitable for the storage of rice. Obviously the smooth-walled silo is suitable; but our profiled-wall silos are also an option thanks to the good flow properties of rice. As this is a high-quality food environment, silos for rice are coated as standard with a special, food-safe coating.