Greater capacity, greater flexibility

Why a square silo?

square silo - 3D render view - why square?When is a square silo the right choice; what are the advantages of a square silo? In short: why a square silo? The most important thing is of course that a silo meets your storage requirements. And a square silo has a lot of advantages:

Why a square silo?

A square silo has over 25% more storage capacity compared to a round silo. A square silo saves space, quite simply because the full surface area is used. Square is the right shape for maximum capacity for bulk goods.

Flexibility and traceability

The modular structure with variable cell dimensions makes it possible to store different products and grades, in different amounts and from several origins, at the same time in the same place. In short, maximum flexibility over a minimum surface area.

Part of your process

Integrate square silos seamlessly into your plant and build around your process. For example drying, grinding, pelletising, mixing, dosing, bulk loading, refining, coating, cleaning and bagging.

Structural part of the building

In addition to a part of your process, square silos can be a structural part of the building. So, you do not need a separate building for your storage. Machine floors, stairs and wall panelling can be connected directly to the silo. Saving you valuable space.


TSC manufactures square silos day in day out. However, no two silos are the same: just as every plant is unique, so each silo structure is also unique. So every silo is customised. We produce every desired length, width, height and cell layout. Thanks to their modular construction TSC silos always fit in perfectly with your production process.


All silo parts are made from steel. Steel is already for a large part manufactured from scrap metal and is, on top of that, fully recyclable. Furthermore, our square silos are designed so to resist all applicable forces, calculated for a sustainable existence.

Efficient transport

The modular square silo system, with separate silo parts that are mounted on site, ensures that a minimum amount of space is lost in trailer or container. As a result, a square silo can be transported very efficiently.

What is the capacity of a square silo?

Our flexible, modular, square silo system is always designed to meet your special storage requirements, but the capacity of a square silo will of course always be an essential part of the design. But there isn’t a typical answer to the question what the capacity of a square silo is. In general, our silos usually have the following capacities:

  • Total silo block: 30 – 30,000 m3 (or more)
  • Individual silo cells: 3 – 500 m3
  • Total number of silo cells in a silo block: 2 – 200 (or more)

Our silo system further explained

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