Two types of silos both for the same purpose: preserve your goods in an optimal way. But when is a smooth wall or profiled wall preferred?

Smooth wall silo

Profiled wall or smooth wall silo TSCA smooth wall silo is suitable for all types of products and has an optimal product outlet. Moreover the double wall system has natural insulation characteristics.

Profiled wall silo

A profiled wall silo is suitable for proper flowing products. It makes optimal use of the available space by single wall system. Furthermore it is a light, strong and economical system.

Case by case

So, whether you need a smooth or profiled wall silo really is a case by case matter. In the particular case shown in the photo the wheat conditioning bins are fully executed in smooth wall. The remaining bins have both smooth walls in the lower sections and profiled walls in the upper sections. Their sensitive finished product required a mainly profiled wall in order to reduce the pressure in lower section of the silos. For improving the flow towards the hopper, a smooth wall section was chosen at the lower end.