Specialist in het bouwen vierkante silo

Gsellmann | IFK

End user: Gsellmann Mischfuttererzeugung GmbH | Kohlberg | Austria
Commissioned by: IFK Schüttgut Technik
Capacity: 750 m3 , 21 bins

A square silo is the perfect solution when it comes to an extension of a building. This scenario has been fulfilled at Gsellmann’s in Kohlberg, Austria. TSC has finished a square silo project, commissioned by IFK. By building square, the available space has been used in an optimal and desirable way. In all bins finished feed products are being stored. The total project consists of 21 bins with a total volume of 750 m3.

Below you can find some pictures of this project.


Logo Gsellmann TSC Square SiloLogo IFK TSC Square Silo


Gsellmann | IFK | TSC | Square Silo

Gsellmann | IFK | TSC | Square Silo

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