Since many generations, you can find Minoterie Degrange, the flour mill of the Degrange family, at the beautiful shores of the Lac du Bourget. Forward-looking, the family invested in the mill, including in square silos.

Progress as a tradition

The many previous generations – Minoterie Degrange was established in 1704 – all left their mark on the flour mill, always looking to the future. Progress as a tradition, indeed. The current owner, Philippe Degrange, also has a forward-looking view in the blood. Plans were made to expand the mill. Additional process and storage capacity was required to face future challenges. In the immediate vicinity of the flour mill was however limited space available. The location itself, near the centre of Le Bourget-du-Lac town, proved to be an extra difficulty. There is a strict limitation in height and the municipality imposed that the building shape architecturally had to fit into the landscape. To top the challenges all off has te region an increased seismic hazard risk, a key aspect in the design.

Moving forward togethersquare silo construction - Minoterie Degrange

The Degrange family approached TSC and explain their situation. Together they came to a design for the square silo. The result was two different silo blocks: one silo block for wheat, as a raw materials storage, the other for tempered wheat, as a process storage. The lengths and widths were stretched quite a bit, while keeping the clearances below and above the silos to a minimum. Of course respecting the natural behavior of both wheat and tempered wheat. In addition, there is an extra absolute requirement when storing tempered wheat: first-in-first-out. This plays a crucial part to a uniform and high-quality end product. TSC’s own structural engineers took on the task to design the silos in such manner that they are able to resist the heavy earthquake loads.

All plans were made in close consultation with both father Philippe as son – and future successor – Pierre-Yves. Characteristic for the Degrange family business.

Moving even further forward

As a proof of the family’s insistence for improvement, TSC has been awarded another contract. In this second project, further expansion of the tempering wheat bins and adjacent machine tower is planned. Start of installation is schedule for the summer of 2018. This way, TSC’s square silos help this French family business even further forward.

TSC square silos for flour mill

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