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Global feed companies strive to produce and deliver the optimum quality and quantity of product – even in the face of unprecedented supply chain disruption. The feed industry has always relied heavily on storage. Now it’s time to ask: is it working for us when we need it most?

This episode includes a multi-dimensional viewpoint from: the feed mill (Klaremelk); the contractor (Silokonsult); and the storage warehouse (Lütolf).

Can thinking Smart beat thinking Big in Storage? (Webazine)

7 July 2020 11am CEST

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How can smart storage contribute to your process?

The episode broadcasted at 11am CEST on 7 July with a strong focus on how the global feed & food industry can deliver the optimum quality and quantity of product in the face of unprecedented supply chain disruption. Topics covered included:

• How can ‘smart storage’ help mill owners and operators get more from limited space?

• Balancing the need for ‘buffer storage’ (to mitigate supply chain risk) versus process storage.

• New ideas on improving storage hygiene, consistency and quality – and the value this brings.

• Smart ways to manage long-term revenue versus short-term budgeting for storage.

“We’re excited to bring all these valued partners together to discuss these issues at a time when meeting face-to-face is still very difficult. We believe that huge potential exists to make storage more dynamic – and efficient – especially right now with all the Covid-related disruption.” – Sven Konings, TSC Silos

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