The Swedish grain handler Lantmännen Cerealia is currently expanding its flour mill in Strängnäs. Our team leaves its mark on the complete production process, by facilitating the production- and storage capacity in one tower.

Lantmännen Cerealia

Lantmännen Cerealia is a Swedish producer of primarily grain based products like muesli, pastas and baking powder. With several strong brands they serve the Scandinavian market. Lantmännen Cerealia is a part of the Lantmännen cooperative. This cooperative is owned by over 27.000 Swedish farmers, has about 10.000 employees and is active in over twenty countries. Despite this international orientation, their primary focus is the Scandinavian markets.

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Strong tradition

The flour mill in Strängnäs is since 2014 in full possession of Lantmännen Cerealia and has always had a strong tradition of constant quality and continuous growth before. The existing flour mill was rebuild in the eighties and was expanded a few times since. Nowadays, the flour mill processes roughly 220 tons of wheat and rye per day, while the demand for more keeps increasing.

Logical expansion, logical choice

As a logical consequence the factory has to be expanded again; subsequently, expanding with our square silos was a logical choice. In an over 30 meters high production tower rises a practically new factory. Underneath and adjacent to the silo several machine floors will facilitate the complete production process, designed by the feed- and food process specialists of Silokonsult. To win even more flexibility, the existing bulk out loading street will also be expanded.

In this way a new part of the factory arises, on a surface of less than 300 m2 and within four months, which is easy to expand again in the future. Characteristic for our compact building style. All-in-one, less is more.

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