“What you see is what you get” hugely applies to 3D silo modeling. Migrating from 2D silo designing to 3D offers great advantages to TSC. Where some people have a hard time to understand a 2D silo model, they immediately understand the 3D model.

Moreover 3D shortens TSC’s design cycle drastically and at the same time streamlines our manufacturing process. “From file to factory” is not only a nice one-liner, but true as that an apple is a fruit. When let’s say, a silo bin width or roof angle changes (by simply stretch or pull-up a line), this is automatically modified in the underlying and detailed production drawings. 3D modeling also improves communication throughout the TSC organization, as well as among our suppliers and customers.

The below model shows one of TSC’s projects where a storage silo is designed by using sophisticated 3D modeling software. It concerns a Swiss project where a silo for grains is positioned on top of a concrete platform. A train will drive underneath the silo and the grain is directly loaded into the railway wagon.

TSC Top Silo Constructions qualità comprovata in tutto il mondo
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