The spelt market has grown massively over the last decade thanks to recognition of its nutritional benefits and taste. Spelt, also known as dinkel wheat, is a very old grain and a distant cousin of wheat. It has a unique gluten structure which makes it easier to digest and it is full of nutrients and fibres.

Spelt is being processed not only as flour in bread, but also increasingly in pizza, pasta and cereals.

The downside of the popularity is the global shortage of spelt – the demand outstrips supply – and the related price consequences. The price of the grain doubled late last year, with the first crops of 2014 in the summer likely to be even higher.

Above market situation is reflected in the square silo demand. Currently TSC is working on a spelt silo for Kastenmüller Schmidt Austria GmbH. The Austrian company Leopold Hofstätter GmbH, a 100% bio-based miller invests in a new installation to be supplied by KSA.

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