Two types of silos both for the same purpose: preserve your goods in an optimal way. But what type is preferred in your situation? Some bullet points to guide you a bit.

Smooth wall silo

  • Suitable for all types of products
  • Optimal product outlet
  • Double wall system with natural insulation characteristics

Profiled wall silo

  • Suitable for proper flowing products
  • Optimal usage of available space by single wall system
  • Light, strong and economical system

Nowadays a smooth wall system is often preferred, mostly because of the hygienic and clean design. Also the natural insulation characteristics are highly appreciated.

Nevertheless a profiled wall system could be the perfect economical solution for you. It is important to store only free and easy flowing products between the corrugated panels. Proper cladding has to be taken into account with regards to humidity conditions.

Both our systems are of course safe and solid and will be customized for your unique production process.

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