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Profiled wall silo

profiled wall 3D square siloIf maximum storage capacity is very important and if free-flowing products are being stored, then a profiled wall silo is your first choice. The rectangular construction and the light single-wall system make maximum use of space. As the profiled wall is itself very strong, less steel is required, which also makes this an economic solution. To prevent condensation (insulated) roofing and facade cladding can be fitted to the silo.

As long as the cell can be reinforced, a profiled wall also makes it possible to achieve greater surface areas per cell compared with a smooth-walled silo. This means that silos with a volume of 1,000 m³ per cell are possible. It goes without saying that the design will be suited completely to your requirements.

Our profiled-wall silos can be found in, for example, coffee roasting plants and breweries, where they are used for the process-based storage of (roasted) coffee beans and (malted) barley.

Why choose a profiled wall silo?

  • Optimum use of volume
  • Light construction thanks to single-walled system
  • Very strong thanks to profiled walls
  • Completely customised, flexible modular construction
  • Optional galvanising
  • Large capacities per cell possible

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smooth wall silo, square silo

Profiled Wall silo, square silo