Less space, more possibilities

Our silo system

Our silo system consists of various steel silo components that are assembled in a modular fashion layer by layer. Our system is the most effective solution for dry and granular bulk goods that are to be further processed into various types and grades.

The steel silo panels are used to create rectangular or square silo cells that enable optimum use of the available space. The standard panels are supplied in many widths. Combining different sizes produces a range of possible cell sizes. Nothing in our silo system is standard and every project is different.

The purpose of the silo in most cases determines the choice of design: the single-walled sheet piling or the double-walled system, which produces completely flat walls. The shared partitions of the silo cells mean a hygienic design in both systems without gaps.

TSC designs, calculates and manufactures all the silos in accordance with the latest standards (EN 1991, EN 1993 and EN 1090).