Our silo system

Square. That’s what we like at TSC. It is also fully in line with our vision of ‘less is more’. The TSC silo system consists of various steel silo parts. We build these up modularly and layer by layer. This system is the best solution when it comes to dry and granular bulk goods. In many cases, these goods are further processed into various finished products, where square silos play an important role in dosing and storing the finished product. TSC provides the most effective solution for this.

Silos integrated in the building

Our silo system can be a fully integrated and static part of the building. In this way, the available space is optimally used for maximum capacity and we save a lot of material. One hand reaches the other. More storage at the lowest possible cost. In addition, we can seamlessly integrate related constructions. Think of machine houses, stair towers and halls. By involving TSC at an early stage, we can guarantee optimal integration and save costs. Less is more comes into its own here.

Benefits of the TSC silosystem

  • Optimal use of available space
  • Different possibilities for the size of the cells
  • Square silos integrated into the factory
  • Structural part of the building
  • Tailer-made
  • Durable
  • Efficient transport
  • 25% extra capacity compared to round

Roof construction

  • Representative
  • Optional insulation
  • Pleasant working climate
  • Low noise level for your environment
  • Completely customized with optional doors and windows
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Bin roof

Bin roof
  • Safe working environment
  • Hygienic sealing of the silo bins
  • Equipped with a man hatch
  • Handrails around the bin roof
  • Accessible by stairs
  • Machine floor
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Profiled wall Silo

  • Optimum use of volume
  • Light construction thanks to single-walled system
  • Very strong thanks to profiled walls
  • Completely customised, flexible modular construction
  • Optional galvanising
  • Large capacities per cell possible
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Smooth wall silo

  • Optimum product discharge
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Hygienic, low-dust working environment
  • No mixing of products between cells
  • Fully customised, flexible modular construction
  • Very strong as a result of clever design
  • Optional coated or stainless-steel walls
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  • Smooth overflow from silo to hopper
  • Best possible discharge of your product
  • Round or square discharge
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Opening for empty indicators
  • Inspection hatches optional
  • Seamless fit with downstream process
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Steel construction

  • Made exactly to suit your individual requirements.
  • Both support structure and roof structure.
  • Safe and robust.
  • Includes strength calculations.
  • All in accordance with the latest applicable standards.
  • Avoid collisions with machinery and/or conveying equipment.
  • In-house calculations
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De voordelen van een TSC-Silosysteem

Het modulaire systeem bestaat uit stalen silowanden die op locatie worden gemonteerd, waardoor vierkante of rechthoekige silocellen worden gevormd. Daarnaast weten wij dat geen project hetzelfde is, dus onze silo's ook niet. We leveren deze in verschillende afmetingen, waardoor een TSC-silosysteem altijd aansluit bij uw wensen.

25% more storage capacity

A square silo saves space, simply because the entire surface is used. Square is the right shape for maximum bulk capacity.

Flexibility and traceability

The modular construction with variable cell dimensions makes it possible to store different products and qualities simultaneously and side by side.

Part of the process

Seamlessly integrate square silos into the process. From grinding to pelleting and from dosing to bulk loading, our silos follow the process.

Structural part of the building

Save precious space. There is no need for a separate building for your storage. Floors, stairs and wall cladding can be connected directly to the silo.

TSC verzorgt de bouw vierkante silo's van A tot Z. Ook representatieve gevelbekleding en dakbedekking behoort tot de opties, geheel naar eigen wens.

Project per project

Of een gladde wand of damwand de juiste keuze is, of een combinatie daarvan, is afhankelijk van de goederen die worden opgeslagen. Per project is een andere oplossing de meest geschikte. Het is ook mogelijk om een cel op te bouwen uit een deel gladde wanden en een deel damwanden. Voor een gevoelig gereed producten kan een damwand systeem noodzakelijk zijn om de druk onderin de silo te verminderen. Om de product-stroming richting trechter te verbeteren, kan onderin gladde wand worden toegepast.

Snel laden van kleine volumes

Heeft u veel verschillende producten in relatief kleine volumes, maar wenst u toch snel een bulktrailer te beladen? Dan bieden contrasets de uitkomst. Een contraset is een trechter die voorzien is van verschillende, relatief kleine compartimenten. Deze kleine compartimenten worden gebruikt als tussenopslag. De contrasetcompartimenten sluiten één op één aan op de bulktrailer compartimenten waardoor de trailer snel te laden is.

Bulk storage to a higher level?

With our knowledge of dry bulk goods and silos, we take process storage to a higher level. More information? Mail to info@tsc-silos.com, call +31 (0)543 473 979 or send a message.