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Other industries

In non-food or non-feed-related industries too our square silos have amply proven their added value. Below are the other industries in which TSC is active.

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Other Industries


TSC silos can be found in various sectors within the chemical industry and are already being used for the storage of printing ink powder and plastic granulate. TSC adapts its silos to suit each sector in order to meet specific market requirements. After all, you want an optimum storage capacity and a smooth product discharge, regardless of the product. Although our silos have a modular construction, contamination is not an issue thanks to the smart use of sealing tape. Alternatively, the seams between the wall panels can be fully welded.

gravel square silo bouw en constructie

Building and construction

Our steel silos are eminently suitable for storage applications in the building and construction industry, such as the storage of cement, gravel and sand. The square silos are eminently suitable for this kind of abrasive material. Smooth, steel walls combined with our customised hoppers ensure an optimum product discharge. The modular construction of our silos also enables you to easily mix one product with another product, for example gravel or sand. The two products can be stored in adjacent silo cells without any loss of space between the cells. Guaranteeing the cycle time of your process.

Naturally the entire silo structure is calculated in accordance with the latest standards as regards bulk densities and extra attention is devoted to the wear resistance of the silo.


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