Specialist in building square silos


TSC silos can be found in various sectors within the feed industry. TSC adapts its silos to suit each sector in order to meet every specific requirement.

mengvoeder chicken feed square silo

Compound feeds

It is impossible to imagine the compound feed industry without square silos. The many advantages of square silos are combined in this sector. Dry raw materials are often processed into high-quality end products under one roof, and this is where the structural and space-saving advantages of square silos truly come into their own.

The compound feed industry requires a high degree of flexibility because the raw materials can differ from day to day, not only as regards type and quality but also as regards available quantities. For this reason the square, smooth wall silos are an obvious choice for compound feed manufacturers.

pet food tsc square silo


Square silos are frequently found in the pet food industry. Just like the compound feed industry, every pet food manufacturer benefits from optimum flexibility and a minimum footprint by opting for our modular silos.

Naturally every pet food manufacturer sets high requirements as regards hygiene at their plant. As the square silos have a perfect discharge and as the smart construction rules out any contamination, TSC has an extensive track record in the pet food sector.

aqua feed fish feed vierkante silo


We are also familiar with the aqua feed industry. TSC Silos has built square silos at various locations throughout the world specially for this sector, always devoting extra attention to crucial components such as the hoppers. Thanks to a good design and smart solutions such as ladders in the cells the fish feed granules are guaranteed to retain their firm structure, which is crucial to a feeding fish.

Moreover, things that might be less obvious are also taken into account, such as a special coating that is resistant to the salty sea air, environmental aspects that almost every fish feed plant has to deal with.

 Minerals - Premix bijgewerkt 1


Premix is a very high-quality, expensive component of animal feed. The additives and minerals are fairly heavy and are often of a corrosive character. This sets special requirements for the storage. It is possible to make silo cells from stainless steel with smooth walls specially for this type of product. The inventive double-wall system of the smooth-walled silos makes it possible to achieve the most economic solution. The parts of the silo that come into contact with the product are made from stainless steel; the other parts are made from normal steel: the best of both worlds combined.



Pellets are the outcome of many feed factories. They are fragile and need to be handled with care. Therefore, TSC builds silos especially for fragile products. A slide can be mounted in the silo, so product does not fall from above, but it slides. A lot less damage is the result of our well designed silos.