“If you find something you like, you have to completely go for it."

Jorne’s story

Who? Jorne Naber
Employed at TSC Since February 2015
Function Project Engineer

A motivated school leaver

“I will look for a hobby when I have completed this traineeship,”, says Jorne Naber with a big smile on his face. He was just 18, when a recruiter walked into his senior high school class. The Dosign recruitment bureau was looking for motivated, talented school leavers who were prepared to significantly invest in a wonderful future as engineer. Dosign promised the students a fully-fledged Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering course at Higher Vocational Education level, in addition to a paid traineeship at an interesting technical company. Jorne showed his enthusiasm and opted for Mechanical Engineering, just like 1,100 others. A strict selection then followed, where the motivated Jorne was able to commence the training as one of the 110 selected potentials. That is how Jorne commenced work at TSC Silos.


There is no room for a real student life, explains Jorne: “If you find something you like, you have to completely go for it. In the daytime I work as Project Engineer at TSC, in the evenings and weekends I am generally busy with homework and reports. It is a wonderful opportunity to do this without technical experience. I am therefore grateful that Dosign and TSC both wanted to invest in me.” Now the soon-to-be engineer is a full-fledged component of the TSC team and he has already been offered a contract. His level-headed response to this: “If you want something, then you have to work hard for it. And that is possible. I have colleagues who also have a family in addition to a job and study. That adds even more pressure. Within the team there is an enormous drive to keep quality optimum. Study is inextricably linked to this. ‘Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge is also power, as we always say here. If we share the knowledge that we individually gain with each other, then we will get continually stronger as a company. That is how it works.”

“Within the team there is an enormous drive to keep the quality optimum”

Cool product

When he first came to speak with his current employer, he was sceptical: “I always thought that silos were round and did not bring so many challenges. But if you then immerse yourself in the benefits of square silos and look at the system properly, you can discover how cool the product is.” He warns us that he can talk about this for hours: “When people ask me, I explain that we make everything to the wishes of the client, that it does not concern the silos that you see at the farmer, but sometimes 50-metre-high buildings which form a structural component of an entire factory. And naturally about the challenges that make my work so pleasant. It is always nice to fulfill the wishes of the client and at the same time keep our quality optimum.”

Proud of projects

TSC Silos - Jorne As a rookie Project Engineer, Jorne now fully operates in the Detail Engineering/Project Engineering department. He initially helped colleagues drawing the separate components from a silo installation. A trajectory where he literally learned the products step by step. He has already completed two projects independently. Jorne: “The first project I was able to work on from start to finish as Project Engineer was in Germany. On the basis of the Structural Engineering calculations, I have been able to put everything into 3D from top to tail. I have finetuned the result with the client. Then I have developed all components from the silo installation further into 2D and made ready for production, before being produced, transported, assembled and delivered. It is amazing to see your design come to life. Naturally, my colleagues monitor what I do closely, but it is very cool that TSC dares to offer me this opportunity. I am really proud of these two projects.”

“It is very cool that TSC dares to offer me this opportunity”

The youngest team member

Jorne has found his place in the company. How does it feel to be the youngest team member in the company? “I really feel at home here. The connected atmosphere of a family business. To be able to tackle something together and really go for it. This works well for me. Just to do what is required to make nice things together.” He passed his forklift certificate on his own initiative, as well as taking the warehouse under his wing. After following a Lean Management minor, Jorne also researches the possibilities of improving processes. Jorne: “That is the beauty of a relatively small company. They listen to you. If you have an idea that you can substantiate, then you can just go for it!”

The future

After graduation, Jorne wants to work fulltime as Project Engineer. Jorne: “I very much enjoy myself at TSC and cannot wait to take on larger projects right from the start.” And about that hobby, which is yet to come, he states: “When this traineeship is done I will embark on sports and look for something nice to do in my free time. But ultimately, I wish to specialise more. In steel construction, perhaps in the direction of structural, because that has much in common with my current training. I still have a great deal to learn at TSC!”

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