"To come up with solutions. That is the way forward.”

Getting things done with Erik

Who? Erik Wassink
Employed at TSC Since September 2006
Function Technical Manager

Do not create problems, but come up with solutions

Erik Wassink. His colleagues describe him as a very practical man, a solution-focused manager possessing excellent insight. He has been Technical Manager at TSC for over 11 years. He nods modestly: “You should not create problems, but come up with solutions. That is the way forward.”

Listen first

Erik is proud of the Structural Engineers, Project managers and Detailed Engineers that he has under his wing as manager: “We have a wealth of expertise. And our contact with the client is outstanding. I try to teach my team to not immediately create opposition in the case of problems, but first to listen well and understand what the client exactly wants. This flexible, thinking-along attitude is what makes us a fine partner for our clients.”

Aanpakken met Erik

Fanatical guys

“It does not matter where you come from. The mentality of ‘less chat, more work’ is the connecting factor within the team,” he clarifies. “As long as they are fanatical guys that want to roll up their sleeves and work together with us. Like-minded people who have the guts to embark on a challenge, because we wish to aim as high as possible. If it can be built, we will do it!”

Addicted to square silos

Erik states that technicians are becoming increasingly scarce. But he still has complete confidence that good experts will continue to find their way to Aalten: “Once you come into contact with square silos, you are addicted”, laughs the down to earth manager. He continues: “The outside world may think it is a little dull, but the work is extremely dynamic. And there is much freedom. If you as TSC engineer believe it is worth coordinating your project on location, then you will go, regardless of whether it is in China, Jamaica, Africa or the Netherlands. This involvement with our projects, from the calculation to the last bolt screwed tight, is our added value for clients and is also something that makes our work very pleasant!”

“The involvement is our added value for clients and is also something that makes our work very pleasant.”

Love for square silos

And he talks at length about the benefits of square silos. The maximum storage capacity on a minimum surface, the flexibility to divide the constructions in a practical way into hygienically separated compartments, the option to calculate in advance the most efficient way of adhering to the set norms and the option to empty completely. He concludes: “Actually, the crux is creating a maximum storage capacity for as low an investment as possible, therefore as little steel as possible. That is our promise to our clients: more with less!”

TSC Silos - Fuite Genemuiden

Wonderful projects

Erik enjoys a challenge, just like his colleagues. His best projects are the engagements that demand his very best. “Soon we will build a silo in Switzerland at a location where a wooden mill is currently located. This is nice on paper, but when we recently visited the project location, we discovered that a river runs below it. Dennis (Structural Engineer) has now calculated the construction options and has designed a platform with a free span of 12 metres. Our 40-cell silo will come on top of this construction. We involve the client intensively with our design process, so that together we reach a wonderfully solution.”

We also discuss a project from 2007. Erik proudly states: “It is one of my first and also still my largest project ever. The size, a whopping million kilos of steel, was not even the main challenge. It was primarily the time limit which made it a really tricky job. We were given exactly four months to calculate, draw, handle the logistics with 100 trucks, the delivery and coordination of the construction. That was really hard work with only two staff back then. Fortunately, I now have far more colleagues, so that jobs like that will now go much smoother”, he laughs.

They cannot trick us

“We ensure that we have everything in house. We also do the complex calculations in house, where we can devise and finetune the solutions ourselves. We can react even faster to client questions and can, where necessary, be flexible and look for alternatives within the set norms, so that the client literally receives more for less. I think that being able to rapidly respond using in-house expertise is a must. We used to wait a day for an answer from the external Structural Engineer. The current market does not offer us that luxury anymore. They cannot trick us, we have all the knowledge in house ourselves.”

Erik - Sano China