Spezialist für den Bau Quadrat Silos

Geissbühler Mühle

End user: Geissbühler Mühle GmbH | Oberhünigen | Switzerland
Commissioned by: Wirtech AG
Capacity: 1.230 m3, 31 bins

Taking down an existing mill, to be able to replace it with a future-proof mill? It is exactly what the Geissbühler family did. As the next generation is ready to take over the mill, the predecessors wanted to leave behind a feed mill ready for all future feed milling requirements. Committed to stay there where the business was founded, they invested in a complete new mill. To be build on exactly the same location as where company started. The importance of the new mill was very clear to all family members, as otherwise the viability of the company was at stake. With this new mill the family is able to provide its loyal customer-base with the bespoke feed they are accustomed to, for many years to come.

A project TSC was happy to contribute to. Besides the 31 square silo bins, we were responsible for the design, supply and installation of all relevant steel structures plus the cladding. Fun fact: the supporting steel structure was designed in such way, that uprights were only needed on the outside of the silo.

square silos for Geissbühler Mühle TSC Silos - feed mill Geissbühler Mühle

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