Spezialist für den Bau Quadrat Silos

Ferrero Canada

End user: Ferrero Canada
Capacity: 1.500 m3, 12 bins

The third largest chocolate manufacturer in the world expanded it cocoa handling facility in the heart of the Canadian food industry. Close to Toronto, we realized a square silo for the storage of cocoa beans that confirms the rule, by being the exception.

ferrero canada bin roof

The hand railings are separated per bin

The rule is that one of the advantages of building square is obtained by connecting several bins. The more bins, the fewer wall panels are necessary on average per bin – less is more! In other words: by sharing wall panels, economies of scale come into play. But the customer wished to apply load cells on each bin. These pressure transmitters measure the filling rate of the silo based on (the difference in) pressure. Difficulty: our square silo system would be unfit for this, because of the shared wall panels. But, the customer also wanted to maximize the use of the constraint space inside the hall.

TSC Silos supplied the exception to confirm the rule. We met the customer’s demands with several adjustments. To start with, we separated the twelve square bins of 125 m3 each. Next, each bin is directly supported by its own frame. This individual frame is then supported by the main steel construction. By placing several load cells between each frame and the steel construction, an accurate measuring is warranted. Each silo is safely accessible, despite being free-standing. As the bin roof and the hand railings are not constructively connected to other bins, the measuring never is at risk.

This way, solving the challenges resulted in this novelty silo.

square silos for ferrero canada

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