Spezialist für den Bau Quadrat Silos


End user: Dumoulin NV | Kortrijk | Belgium
Capacity: 1.300 m3, 24 bins

In order to maximize storage capacity on a limited surface, animal feed producer Dumoulin has appointed TSC as their partner to build a square silo project in Kortrijk, Belgium. As can be seen on the photos below, the silo block has been built as an extension to the existing building. By executing it this way, valuable space has been saved. Due to the fact that different raw materials are stored, both our smooth- and profiled wall system have been used. To optimize the flowing properties in some bins a combination of both wall systems have been used.

Below you can find more pictures about this project.


Dumoulin logo bewerkt

Dumoulin | Kortrijk | TSC | Square Silo

Dumoulin | Kortrijk | TSC | Square Silo

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