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Top Silo Constructions is a silo supplier and has been focusing on the design and construction of rectangular steel silo installations. As a square silo manufacturer TSC has completed numerous projects around the world. These product prove our knowledge in the area of bulk and solids storage, day in day out.

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Profiled wall or smooth wall?
Profiled wall or smooth wall?


Two types of silos both for the same purpose: preserve your goods in an optimal way. But what type is preferred in your situation? Read More »
Short on space? Choose square!
Short on space? Choose square!


Are you short on square meters while having ample height available? Well, such situations suit perfectly to our square silo system. Read More »


Did you know that a profiled wall and smooth wall can be combined within one silo block? bit.ly/smooth-profiled pic.twitter.com/IQSkvq16xV 1 week geleden
An update from China: we've almost reached 75% of the total height of this silo block for modern animal feed. pic.twitter.com/LHh1iKg9CR 4 weken geleden